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From the imagined journeys sitting in front of her grandmother’s jewellery box, Dorothée Sausset went on to embrace various lives and different continents. Starting with Madrid followed by London where she studied, it is on Cuba that her heart was set for a long moment. She remained close to the sensibility of this island as well as the Afro- Cuban culture.

In the course of her travels, jewellery took on a special place. Dorothée learnt the ropes with Géraldine Valluet, a Parisian designer and then she opened a boutique in the 11th district in Paris where she presented her first collection of jewellery.

In 2004, Dorothée set up an agent office in New Delhi. She specialises in accessories for prestigious brands. India also initiated her to Kundalini Yoga, which she teaches currently. This philosophy has an influence of the role of sacred jewellery in her creations.

Mixed with her desire to create a business, these experiences made the designer launch in 2017, her own brand “Dorothée Sausset”and her first collection “Holistic Story”.


For her collection “Holistic Story”, designer Do- rothée Sausset draws on her thirteen years of life in India and her knowledge of workshops in the mythical and enchanting Rajasthan.

Her style is a skilful mix of sleek vintage and traditional Indian jewellery. Dorothée Sausset is inspired by symbols and beliefs from cultures that have moved her emotionally and spiritually.

Each article in the collection is a holistic piece of jewellery. Luminous and sophisticated, this protective piece of jewellery is the bond between the body and the soul like a link in the chain. It incarnates a lifestyle and makes the woman who wears it more beautiful.


Dorothée Sausset’s creations are enriched by visual influences inspired by her own past expe- riences and her aesthetic encounters.

Her imagination draws on childhood memories. As a child, she used to open her grandmother’s jewellery box with fascination. Every year, as the vacations came to an end, her grandparents would offer her a stone as a souvenir. This stone would become a lucky charm for her, protecting her and at the same time resonating the unknown. Dorothée was also marked by the image of an elegant mother from the 70s,which shaped her love for the vintage.

Influences from her childhood and the symbolism of Indian jewellery mingle and communicate with each other. In line with the Parisian fashion trends, these themes help weave the artistic uni- verse of Dorothée Sausset.


The jewellery is made up of 18k gold-plated brass or silver.
,br/> «I wanted to create delicate and symbolic jewellery by following the principles of Vastu Shastra. This Hindu belief is designed to create a symbiosis of architecture, nature, environment and conscience.»
,br/> The medallion «Thaali» incarnates this philosophy. This pendant is traditionally offered by a man to his wife as a token of love, respect and harmony.

«Another theme that I have reinvented in jewellery is that of «Mudras». A mudra is a symbolic posture of fingers that seeks to harmonise physical and emotional states. The magic of sign language!»

The collection Holistic Story is also inspired from the theme of the five elements. Associated with the virtues of Ayurveda medicine,each stone cor- responds to one element: earth, water, air, fire and space.


The jewellery is fabricated in a renowned traditional workshop in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.

Dorothée Sausset spends several hours with the craftsmen, whom she has grown to understand. Continuing a family tradition, they come from Bengal, a region that excels in jewellery refinement.

Sitting on a large white sheet spread out on the floor, Dorothée chooses carefully from among the stones proposed by the master craftsman. She then she assembles the elements to give a form to the piece of jewellery.

Using wax, workers will model the designer’s design by hand. Then they will cast a mould to reproduce several identical copies of the jewellery item. Some articles in the collections are crafted entirely by hand.

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