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Abhaya Mudra Pendant Diamond

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Only 1 left in stock

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As  a gesture  of  fearlessness, the  Abhaya Mudra will calm the mind, reduce anxiety and inner conflict. Raise the right hand in front  of your  right  shoulder, palm  facing forward. Relax the fingers, extending them upwards.  Keep your  shoulders  relaxed. Feel a warmth in the center of your palm, as if it is radiating a soft light. Rest the left hand in your lap with the palm up. Inhale and  exhale  deeply through  your  nose. Focus on the sensation of warmth in your palm.  Start  with five  minutes.  In ritual practice, this mudra is used as a gesture of protection and pacification. It will remove attachment and aversion to thought, emotions and sensations.
925 silver plated 3 micron in 18k gold
Stones Diamond round  size 0.9 mm
DS logo laser
Made in India
Delivered in DS pouch


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