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Mahakranta Mudra Etoile En Pierre Black Onyx Diamond Pendant With Openable Ring

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Only 1 left in stock



Mahakranta mudra etoile en pierre black onyx Diamond Pendant with openable ring

The  Mahakranta Mudra,  meaning  “the gesture of supreme power” will activate the  body’s  self healing  capacity.  Raise both handset to the height of your face, elbows  pointing  down. Turn  the  palms toward the  face,  side by  side.  Feel your hand become soft and warm, visualising the  light of  the  rising sun  shining  upon your body. Imagine this warm light radia- ting through your palms and into our face, filling your body with light. Start with five minutes. The Mahakranta Mudra will as- sist the healing of serious diseases, evoking feelings of devotion and surrender.
925 silver plated in 18k gold
Hand Black onyx with star, stone round fac white topaz 1 mm
Openable ring size 8×7 mm
DS logo laser
Made in India
Delivered in DS pouch


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