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Rakhi One 2 ‘Coral’ Bracelet

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Rakhi meaning «knot of protection» is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Hindus throughout the world. The festival stands for the beautiful relationship shared between brothers and sisters. The bracelet given during this festival represents a lifelong promise of protection, love, care and affection between siblings. The red colour thread is used to strengthen the fire element bringing strength, security, power and protection. The story says that when Yamuna tied a rakhi to Yama, the lord of death granted him immortality and so moved he was by his gesture, he is said to have declared that any brother who tied a rakhi and offered to protect his sister would also become immortal.
925 silver plated 3 micron in 18k gold
Round cab. mat Coral stone 2mm and thread in red colour
DS  laser logo
Made in India
Delivered in DS pouch


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