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Surya Mudra Pendant With Openable Ring

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Surya  means «sun»  in  Sanskrit and  this mudra is known to increase the fire element in the body. It will always help to ignite your inner fire, getting you moving towards your goals. With the right hand, cover the nail of the ring finger with the pad of the thumb and extend the remaining fingers,  keeping  them relaxed.  The ring  finger represents  the  earth element and the thumb the fire element. Start with five minutes. The Surya Mudra increases heat  in  the body,  reducing  sluggishness, mental fogginess and depression. It is also known  to  improve metabolism  and  promote weight loss.
925 silver plated 3 micron in 18k gold
Stone Garnet
DS logo laser
Made in India
Delivered in DS pouch


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