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Thali3 Pink Opal-Pink Turmaline Pendant With Openable Ring

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Thali3 Pink opal-Pink Turmaline Pendant with openable ring

« I wanted to create delicate and symbolic jewellery by following the principles of Vastu shastra. this Hindu belief is designed to create a symbiosis of architecture, nature, environment and conscience» The thali pendant or Mangala sutra is a symbol of love, protection and harmony to its wearer and the one who has gifted it. It creates balance to unify the energy of the body with the soul. The medallion «Thaali» incarnates this philosophy. This pendant is traditionally given by a man to his wife in their wedding engagement.
925 silver plated 2 micron in 18k gold
Fac Pink Turmaline cut square 3 mm, Pink Opal 19.5×15.2 mm
Pendant Height 19.5 mm, Width 15 mm Thickness: 3mm
Openable ring size 8×7 mm
DS logo laser
Made in India
Delivered in DS pouch


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