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Secure Payments


To satisfy all customers, you can use several means of payments. While you are processing your order, you can select the most convenient solution for you.

All credit card payments on are fully processed by a major Indian Banks, via its web solution. Consequently, never has any access to your bank account or credit card details. They are directly processed and coded (without passing by our website).

Besides, It certifies the existence of the company with whom it maintains a permanent banking relation. Once your payment had been accepted,It closes the transaction, which prevent any usage of your credit card number.

The following credit cards are accepted on our websites: credit card / E-credit card, Visa / Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express.



You can also settle your orders with Paypal/Razorpay. To do so, choose the option ” paypal/razorpay payment ” while you are processing your order.